Hong Kong “Revolution”

革命在意大利画家Graziano Rey筆下,何其凄美惨烈,与遍地开花無異!事实是,革命所流的血、伤与痛会止住嗎?!破坏倒不如建樹,具更深遠的意義!
“Revolution”, an appealing , fantastic abstract painting , enamels and cement on masonite 80 x 90 – 2010 – Graziano Rey Private collection.
My city Hong Kong has been in ” revolution” since this July . Revolution, unluckily includes blood , wound , tears and destruction everywhere…. Finally the revolution in my city may be identified as chaos !!
Thanks to Mr Graziano Rey , a well-known modern artist in Turin , Italy for his generous sharing .
石棉上的“革命”搪瓷和渗碳体80 x 90-2010-Graziano Rey私人收藏。